The iMoov Teclado keyboards are as of now available in the language layouts as follows:

– QWERTY English US / UK combo
– QWERTZ German / Swiss German and Swiss French combo
– QWERTY Scandinavia – Danish, Finish, Norwegian and Swedish combo
– AZERTY French

The languages are differentiated by black and light grey letters / symbols on the keys.

The iMoov Teclado keyboards are compatible with most versions of:

– Android (4.x; 5.x and 6.x)
– Windows (7, 8 and 10)
– iOS (7.x and higher)
– Mac OS (10.6.8 and higher)
– Smart TV

Some short hot keys may not be supported by all devices, depending models, OS and OS version.

When pairing a device to the keyboard ( see following FAQs ), press “Fn” and “either “Android”, “Win”, “iOS” or “TV”.

The pairing procedure is very easy. Press simultaneously “Fn” and “Pairing”, followed by “Fn” and either “M1” or “M2” or “M3”. Launch the Bluetooth search on your device. Select “iMoov Bluetooth Keyboard” and follow the device’s instructions. Your device provides a 4 to 10-digit code that you have to type on the keyboard to confirm the pairing. Select the Operating System (OS) your device runs by pressing “Fn” and either “Android”, “Win”, “iOS” or “TV”.

YES, the keyboard keeps the chosen Operating System in the respective memory.

Press “Fn” and either “M1”, “M2” or “M3” to switch from one previously paired device to another.

Yes, the touchpad has right and left “click”. The lower part, on either side of the vertical line on the bottom of the touchpad contains the right and left “click”.

The touchpad of the iMoov Teclado Bluetooth keyboard is 3.23 x 1.89 inches (82.10 x 48.10 mm) big.

The iMoov Teclado keyboard is attached to the iMoov Astuto stand thanks to embedded magnets. The stand provides both an attachment position when the stand is closed and when it is unfolded.

There are numerous Smart TV brands, series and models available in the marketplace. Many different operation systems are being used, some more open than others. If your TV is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 keyboards, you should be able to use your iMoov Teclado keyboard with your Smart TV. Check your TV’s manual our brand’s homepage to check if third party Bluetooth keyboards are recognized and accepted by your Smart TV. Your Smart TV may require a USB Bluetooth dongle (not provided with the iMoov Teclado).

The autonomy of the keyboard Li-ion 500 mAh battery is 120 days on stand-by. The keyboard can work continuously up to 90 hours (touchpad turned “off”).

Make sure to select the correct language in your device’s operating system settings so that it matches the language layout of your iMoov Teclado keyboard.

Android devices do unfortunately not always come with all languages and country versions of languages as Windows or Mac OS / iOS do. This depends on the device, its localization, Android OS version and manufacturer customization. Help: Install additional language packages, for instance by RaidSix Input Devices or similar packages. Please note that we are in no way directly or indirectly connected with the developers of the RaidSix software and take no responsibility for installing it or any other software package on your device.

As long as you have not fully paired another device on the said memory position ( the 4-10 digit code has NOT been typed and confirmed by “Enter” on the iMoov Teclado keyboard ), the originally connected device is still in memory. Turn the keyboard off and on again.

Make sure that the keyboard is fully charged. Do only use chargers not exceeding 5 VDC. When not being used for 10 minutes, the keyboard automatically enters “sleep-mode”. Press any key and wait for 3 seconds to wake up the keyboard. When empty, simply recharge the keyboard’s Li-Ion battery by connecting the micro USB cable (comes with the iMoov Teclado) to a laptop / PC USB port / USB grid charger. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the keyboard’s battery. While being charged, you can still use the keyboard.

The keyboard’s touchpad is automatically “off” by default to save energy, even when you turn on the keyboard. The touchpad is also set in “energy saving mode” when the keyboard is idle for 10 minutes, or when the keyboard has been turned off and on. Simply press the “Touchpad an/off” button (right from the “Alt Gr” key”) to activate the touchpad.

iDevices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod do NOT support ANY touchpad devices.

A series of signs and symbols such as e.g. “>”, “<” or “\” are available in connection with the “Fn” key (or “Alt Gr” depending on the layout). These signs are marked in blue (or negative grey) and are positioned on top of the “Alt Gr” and “Touchpad on/off” keys.

A series of signs and symbols such as e.g. “>”, “<” or “\” are available in connection with the “Fn” key (or “Alt Gr” depending on the layout). These signs are marked in blue (or negative grey) and are positioned on top of the “Alt Gr” and “Touchpad on/off” keys.