We designed the powerfull wireless flat Teclado keyboard to have the full compatibility with any tablet and the Astuto

The Teclado is light, easy to use and to pair with any device. A powerful memory and battery have been selected to offer an extra long time of work and comfort of use. This is the perfect match for anybody looking for a remote keyboard with the Astuto

imoov, ergonomic, forward head
imoov, ergonomic, forward head
imoov, ergonomic, forward head

Fast Pairing

Simply press ‘fn’, ‘pairing and the memory position on the keyboard. Then, follow the instructions on your device – done

Memory for 3 Devices

You can store up to 3 different devices for instant pairing and easily switch between them

Multi OS

Android, iOS & Windows
(See FAQ for details)
imoov, ergonomic, forward head
imoov, ergonomic, forward head
imoov, ergonomic, forward head


Perfect Match for the iMoov Astuto



Held Magnetically


Strong Bluetooth


Built in Front Touchpad




Memory for 3 Paired Devices


Power Saving


The Teclado Keyboard is the same size as the folded Astuto

Ultra slim and lightweight. Its compact design make it easy to store your keyboard in your iMoov Bag or briefcase and take it anywhere

The iMoov Teclado is lightly magnetically attached to the iMoov Astuto – firm position, even upside down – won’t fall off

High Speed Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which ensures your smooth remote control up to 10 meters (33ft). (wireless range may vary depending on interference or the setup of your device)

Natural use of the large front touchpad, as on a laptop; supports most multi-finger touchpad moves; ON/ OFF key to save energy

Compatible with the current versions of Android, Windows, iOS and OS X / macOS as well as Smart TVs and TV set top boxes (compatible with Bluetooth HID; if supported by the device – a Bluetooth 3.0 or higher USB dongle may be required // Touchpad function NOT supported by iOS). With Mac & Windows specific key layout.

Easy pairing of your favorite devices. Use the keyboard on 3 different devices. Simply switch between your connected devices

With a 500 mAh Li-ion battery, the Teclado can work up to 120 hours continuously with less than 4 hours charging time. The keyboard will enter sleep mode when being idle for 10 minutes, press any key and wait for 3 seconds to reactivate it